About Us

 Cubicon is Structural Engineering Company and it's personnel are highly qualified Structural and FEA Engineers.

Company Team

Most of the team members have at least 10 years of experience working together, many years of experience in this industry enables us to confidentially accomplish any complexity of projects. We work with all members of our team in order to successfully implement complex and groundbreaking architectural projects;

 Cubicon always gives opportunities to talented and prospective young people, who are always capable to express their maximum capabilities and develop professional way. Right now we have a very progressive and successful young Structural Engineers in our company team. Because of these reasons, we are absolutely honored with a team of professionals;

Relationship with Customers

The success and efficiency of our work is determined by the customer’s demand and the design-led approach. Therefore we have created a very strong and controlled internal management approach that ensures the effective working process in practice; A Weekly report system obliges each Head Structural Engineers to send the information about progression of works to the customer on weekly bases, which makes much more comfortable to communicate with us;

Our Priorities

Professionalism, teamwork, high level of reliability, punctuality and flexible system of communication; Maximum involvement and consultation at any stage of project; Operative responses to any raised questions or inquiries; meet deadlines and successful completion of the project!